DISABLED drivers are calling for a councillor to resign after she parked in a space designated for blue badge holders.

Cllr Susan Phillips caused a storm of reaction after being caught at Castlepoint shopping centre and then telling the parking company there are “far too many disabled bays” there.

Celebrity comedian Russell Brand retweeted the story and the comment “total disgrace” and 100s of readers commented on the Daily Echo website, by telephone and on email.

Sue Stein, who used to take her disabled son Matthew to Castlepoint before he died, said the Wallisdown and Winton West councillor should “consider her position”.

“I was totally appalled at her thoughtless words,” she said.

“Having been a mother to a son who was eligible for a disabled permit, I appreciate how essential it is to have these facilities available.

“Right up to his death last year we frequented Castlepoint as there are such a variety of shops within a small area, and all easily accessible via a beautiful walkway.

“Whether he wanted to try and walk a few metres, or we used his wheelchair, he always valued the facilities and the chance it gave him to be out, independent and shop for himself.”

The councillor paid her £60 fine but a Devere Parking Services worker called the Daily Echo after she said “people who are disabled basically are not going to walk around Castlepoint”.

Among those who called the Daily Echo to vent their anger was one woman, who asked not to be named, who said she had “lost her credibility as a councillor and should resign.”

Cllr Phillips said: “I’ve made a mistake and paid my fine.”