IN response to campaigning by local residents a 20mph speed limit area is proposed to be extended in Poole.

Borough of Poole is intending to extend the area in Newtown, on roads between Herbert Avenue and Ashley Road using signs, not physical measures such as chicanes or humps, after the Department for Transport issued new guidance.

In February 2012 a 20mph speed limit was introduced in the roads immediately around Branksome Heath Junior and Sylvan Infant schools as part of the council’s safety outside schools programme.

This was in addition to the larger 20mph zone which has existed in Upper Parkstone for some time. It left a number of residential roads in the area where the 30mph limit remains in force.

The council has received repeated requests over the last two years for speeds to be lowered in this area, including a petition.

“We have worked hard to secure funding to respond to this request from the local community in Newtown to extend the 20mph zones,” said Cllr Xena Dion, pictured above, cabinet portfolio holder for transportation.

“This is designed to help make streets in densely residential areas safer, quieter, cleaner and more pedestrian friendly. If the Newtown scheme is successful, we will look to roll out similar schemes across appropriate areas in the borough in the future.”

The speed restriction has been welcomed at local schools.

“We have seen a steady rise in the number of children coming to school without the use of a car but the roads are still very busy at school run time and the more we can encourage families to leave cars behind, the better,” said Stuart Fox, headteacher of Branksome Heath Junior School.

Sarah Lee, headteacher of Sylvan Infant School, said: “We welcome the extension of the 20mph zone around school, as we are very aware that more and more families are choosing to walk to school.”

Leaflets are available at the schools and Rossmore Library and there is an online feedback form at

A safe bet

Councillor Brian Clements, pictured above, ward member for Newtown, said: “The success or effectiveness of the 20mph speed limit will depend on drivers observing it, but it is widely acknowledged that reducing the speed limit promotes safer and more considerate driving.”