A DAD was shocked to discover what appeared to be a slimy, mouldy substance in his toddler’s Capri-Sun sachet last week.

Abad Figueroa had given a pouch of the popular fruit squash to his 18-month-old son Raven, but said he grew suspicious when the youngster had difficulty sucking through the straw.

The dad of three claims that when he cut the sachet open he made a sickening discovery, finding a pink/white slime with green mould around it.

He said: “It was absolutely horrible, I couldn’t believe it.

“I showed it to my wife Leanne and we were really worried about our baby.

“He has had a bad stomach ache since so we took him to the doctor.

“You expect these drinks to be checked before they are put on the shelves.

“The problem is you can’t see into the pouch to tell what you are drinking.

“I certainly won’t be getting any Capri-Sun again.”

Mr Figueroa said the pouch was part of a multi-pack which he gave to his other youngsters – nine-year-old son Dakota and seven-year-old daughter Aymara – for their school lunchboxes.

He said when he asked them about their sachets they also reported trouble with their straws becoming clogged.

“I’m worried that they have a bad batch somewhere and other people might find this stuff too,” he added.

Mr Figueroa called Capri-Sun’s UK distributor Coca-Cola Enterprises last week to complain and the firm sent him a pouch in which to return the slimy sample for investigation.

A spokesman said: “We take great pride in the quality of our products and are taking this matter very seriously.

“Although we have received no other complaints of this nature, clearly we were very concerned to hear what Mr Figueroa had to say when he called us last week.”

Mr Figueroa said he returned the pouch by recorded delivery on Friday last week but the firm said on Wednesday that it hadn’t received it yet.