STUDENT wardens are taking to the streets of Winton in a bid to ease community relations and nip potential problems in the bud.

Dressed in special eye-catching Bournemouth University hoodies, a team of four students have started knocking on doors and introducing themselves to residents.

Their job is to support students moving into private housing for the first time and reminding them that small courtesies – like putting the bins out and coming home quietly – can help prevent damaging rows with their neighbours.

James Wilde, 21, is one of the wardens. He said: “I wanted to improve people’s perception of students. Students do go out, that’s part of university life, but students also need to realise that little things, like slamming taxi doors or standing in the road chatting after a night out, can cause big problems.”

The scheme was suggested by the Winton Forum and has been set up by Bournemouth University and Bournemouth Council. There are currently two pairs of wardens, one team covering Cardigan Road and surrounding area and the other focusing on the streets around Frederica Road. Two student wardens from the Arts University Bournemouth are also being recruited for the year-long pilot scheme.

Jan Read, who has lived in Stanfield Road since 1963 and seen the number of students increase dramatically, said: “Parking has been a big issue and we have problems with noise, bins stuck out in the road and bottles and litter in the streets but the university now take it very seriously.

“The warden scheme is a great idea.”

And Ann McMorran, also of Stanfield Road, said: “We’re not anti-student at all, it’s just a case of managing any problems and I think this scheme will really help.”

Pat Oakley, chair of Winton Community Forum, said: “There can be a clash between lifestyles of students and those living here permanently – being at university is meant to be fun but students can have fun and at the same time be considerate to their neighbours.”

What the team can do

The student wardens do not have enforcement powers and should not be the first point of contact for residents wishing to report noise problems.

Anyone wishing to report antisocial behaviour can do so through the council or the University or Arts Institute.

However, the team of wardens are available to listen to the concerns of all Winton residents.

They can point people requiring further assistance in the right direction.

The student community warden team can be contacted by emailing