The clean-up has begun after vandals went on a graffiti spree resulting in more than 77 walls, trees and fences being sprayed with paint.

Bournemouth Street Services are out today working hard to remove the graffiti that appeared earlier this week on more than 77 walls, trees, fences and vehicles in the Southbourne area.

Yesterday the Daily Echo reported on the damage caused to property in the attack over the weekend.

A spokesperson for Bournemouth council said workers carried out an initial assessment early this morning on what seems to be "an unprovoked and rather senseless violation of street furniture and local residents' property."

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Councillor Michael Filer, cabinet member for transport, cleansing and waste, said: "We do not tolerate damage to public property, which damages community spirit and morale.

"If anyone knows who the perpetrators are, I would urge them to contact the Police immediately.

"In the meantime, I am pleased to say that our street cleaners are striving tirelessly for Southbourne residents to ensure the large areas of graffiti on private property are removed as quickly as possible.

"Some alleyways will need pressure washing and removal, so we will be liaising with local residents and businesses to ensure the clean up creates very little disruption to the lives of those affected.

“I am determined that the decent members of our society shall be protected from this tiny anti-social element whose aim is destruction rather than construction.”

The worst-hit roads were Carbery Lane with 18, Southbourne Lane East with 15 and Carbery Avenue with 14.

The other roads hit were Wentworth Avenue with seven, Southbourne Lane West had 12, Southbourne Lane Central had three, Pine Avenue had five, Leigham Vale Road had two and the Seafield Road sign was also covered.

It is understood not all the owners of the vehicles affected were able to clean the paint off and the sprays used included green, silver, blue and red.