RESIDENTS from across Poole and Dorset turned out to see the proposed plans for the wind farm set to be built off the southern coastline.

Around 160 people visited the exhibition when it came to Lighthouse Poole, which features visual and written examples on everything people may need to know about the Navitus Bay scheme.

However, it seems that many questions were still left unanswered for some of the residents that the Daily Echo approached who came to visit the exhibition.

Harry Hookie, 83, from Lilliput said that he was ‘still against the scheme as much as I ever was’.

He said: “I think that the visuals have been downplayed and what worries me is the size of the turbines, the size of the blades, and the speed at which they move.”

Chris Farrier, 82, from Canford Cliffs, said: “I’m really against the wind farm. Whilst the positive is that it could bring employment, it is the height of the wind turbines that I dislike at nearly 600ft, and the noise is also a factor.”

Jim Kirby, 75, who is a member of Redclyffe Yacht Club in Wareham, said: “My first feeling is completely negative, and one of the key points for me is the view from Swanage. The point of leisure activities on our waters and at our beaches is due to the lovely location.”

Jonathan Pullen, 66, from Weymouth, said: “I’m very concerned on the effect of the very tall wind turbines on the beautiful coastline. I am also mindful of the energy usage across the UK, and how this could benefit that.”

However, Mike Unsworth, Navitus Bay Development Limited’s project director, says that whilst visitor numbers to the exhibitions are slightly down on the last round, people, particularly Poole residents, seem to recognise the potential benefit.

He said: “On balance, with the exception of Swanage, the feedback is about 50:50 on the balance of positive and negative.

He added: “I think there was more negative feedback from Swanage because they are closer in proximity to the project.

“The thing that I have been trying to get across about the exhibitions is that whether you support it or are against it, I wanted to encourage people to come along and take a look.

“Feedback we have had from previous exhibitions has led us to go on to make changes to the proposed plans on the wind farm.”