JADE Clark’s mother has spoken of the utter devastation of losing her loving daughter and best friend.

Sharon says the whole family has been left broken by the tragic loss of their bubbly 16-year-old who was killed in a horrific crash on the A31.

In a heart-wrenching interview with the Daily Echo, Sharon spoke about the short but fun-packed life her daughter had led.

Jade was brought up in the Ringwood area and attended Busy Bees playgroup, before moving onto Poulner infants and juniors and finally Ringwood School.

She doted on her five siblings - Carina, 23, William, 13, Rachel, nine, Danni, three, and 16 month old Tommy.

Describing Jade as bubbly, Sharon said: "She was a good girl growing up and she was a bit of a tomboy and would try anything. When she first started riding her bike she would fall off and get straight back up again. Nothing fazed her.”

Jade enjoyed a variety of activities growing up such as swimming, horse riding and karate, but her main passions were to become a hairdresser and firefighter.

After leaving school, Jade attended Bournemouth College to study hairdressing and worked at Linda's salon in Ringwood.

She was introduced to the Ringwood Young Firefighters Association over three years ago and “loved it”.

Jade was a popular girl and loved going into Ringwood and Bournemouth with friends. She found a new sense of freedom when she was given her scooter to celebrate her 16th birthday.

Sharon said: “We would have our laughs. She would stick up for me whenever anyone said anything bad. “She was always there for me.

“She was very loving and kind. She would do anything for anybody. She was my friend as well as my daughter.”

Sharon said she was at home when she got the tragic news of the accident.

Jade was on her way to see a friend in St Ives when the accident happened.

Sharon said: “She'd had a call from a friend who was upset and she wanted to help her. I told her to be back by 10.15pm and she was happy with that.

“I was sat down watching the TV when I heard a police car go past. I can still hear it now. At the time I didn't think anything of it but now know they were going to my baby."

The impact Jade’s sudden death has had on the whole family has been huge.

Sharon said: “We have been all over the place.

“We have got to try with the kids to see where they are. It has affected them in different ways. William is having trouble concentrating at school, Rachel won't talk about it. Danni talks about it and will ask me where she is. I tell her she's gone to heaven and she's not coming back “The hamster died a while back and Danni said it had gone to heaven with Jade.”

Sharon said the Ringwood community has been very supportive.

“We would like to thank the Ringwood Young Firefighters Association and all their crew. They have done so much for Jade.”

She also thanked O’Hara Funeral Directors, Churchill Retirement Living for adding to the reward, the people of Ringwood and the bikers who came out in their hundreds to pay their respects to Jade.

Jade’s Nan Linda Pidgley added: "It's been overwhelming how much support we have had and how much kindness people have shown.

“We would just like to thank each and every one of them.”

In June a water feature was officially opened outside Ringwood Fire Station in memory of Jade to mark what would have been her 17th birthday.