A FAMILY watched in horror as their beloved pet dog was mauled to death by two greyhounds.

Sandra Bentley was welcoming her 19-year-old daughter Hollie home and her nine-year-old daughter Jessie was outside playing when their dog Elsie was pounced upon.

Sandra and Hollie tried to fight off the two animals outside their New Forest home but were unable to save the toy poodle and the owner of the two dogs has now been ordered to attend court. Sandra and Hollie said the greyhounds were being walked past their house in Deerleap Way in New Milton with the owner on a mobility scooter.

Hollie said: “I tried to get them off and did everything I could. We didn’t expect those dogs to take our little baby. It could happen to a child.”

Sandra said they are all struggling to get over the ordeal.

“One minute she was there and 10 seconds later she was gone.” Sandra said. It’s hard because it happened on our driveway. I just keep hearing Elsie.”

Sandra’s mother Brenda added: “Elsie was not just a pet, she was a member of our family. She died in Sandra’s arms.”

Hampshire police interviewed a 66-year-old New Milton man under caution and he has been summoned to appear at court under Section 2 of the 1871 Dogs Act.

Under this arrangement the man has not been arrested and has not faced any charges. The dog owner has voluntarily signed a Dog Behaviour Contract to keep his dogs under control and muzzled when they are out in public.

Council working with police over attack

THE New Forest District Council dog warden has been working with the police over the dog’s death attack.

A council spokesman said: “We appreciate how devastating this incident has been for the family and have been working closely with the police since it was reported.   

“The owner of the offending dogs has agreed to an Acceptable Behaviour Contract, issued by the council to ensure the dogs are muzzled and kept on a lead at all times in public.

“We will regularly monitor the situation and take whatever action we need to make sure that this happens.”

If anyone has concerns about the behaviour of a dog they can call the council’s dog warden service on 023 8028 5411.