JADE Clark’s scooter was locked into the front of Hampton’s Volvo XC90 and propelled along the A31 carriageway for between 11 and 22 metres, the jury heard.

PC Clifton Beard told the court of his findings from his examination of the crash scene on the dual carriageway between the Verwood slip road and Ashley Heath roundabout.

He said: “The physical evidence was the front of the Volvo struck the rear of the scooter within lane three of the south westbound carriageway.

“It did that while the scooter was in an upright position.

“Although a forceful impact, it wasn't catastrophic. The scooter would have been rapidly accelerated to the speed of the Volvo at the point of the collision.”

He said the tail of the scooter had penetrated the grill area of the Volvo and forced the plastic grill into the radiator stack.

It damaged four radiators which caused coolant to leak onto the road.

PC Beard said the interaction happened within the driver’s primary field of view and would have sent a “significant jolt” through the Volvo.

“We are talking about interaction between 11 and 22 metres and in that time the evidence suggests the scooter was wedged into the Volvo and pushed along the road.”

He said pieces of the front grill from a Volvo XC90 were recovered from the scene the morning after the accident.

The court also heard from the officer in the case PC Rhys Griffiths who said a major incident room was established involving officers from the Major Crime Investigation Team and Dorset’s traffic department.

He said within a few days of the collision it was apparent that the outstanding vehicle was a Volvo XC90 manufactured between 2003 and 2007.

A significant number of Volvo XC90s were identified using the ANPR system, searches of the police national computer, vehicles registered in Dorset and surrounding counties, the court was told.

PC Griffiths said Brian Hampton did not make any contact with a police officer about the collision prior to his arrest on March 21.

During his police interviews Hampton denied any involvement in the collision.

In one extract he said: “I have told you lots of porkies but one thing I did not tell porkies about was I did not hit that young lady.”