A FLYING enthusiast who met Red Arrow pilot Jon Egging the night before he died is selling commemorative T-shirts in his memory.

Dawn Stokes, of Hill View Road, Bournemouth, is raising money for the Jon Egging Trust with the specially created T-shirts.

The T-shirts have got the seal of approval from Jon’s mother Dawn Egging and a T-shirt signed by the Red Arrows 2013 team is currently up for sale on eBay.

Dawn Stokes said: “The night I met Jon he was so happy and absolutely adored what he was doing.

“For me, he was a total inspiration to do what you love in life and to realise your dreams.

“I just want something positive to come out of such a tragedy.

“It’s nice to have approval from his mother. She liked the design and said she was grateful for the donation to the Jon Egging Trust.”

The T-shirt was designed by Spencer Furley and features the RAF logo, a Union Jack, smoke trail and a Hawk jet.

It also features the number four, which was the number of the Red Arrow jet flown by Jon before he died after taking part in the display at Bournemouth’s air festival in 2011.

Adult T-shirts cost £18 and children’s T-shirts are £14. They are available from the Bournemouth Aviation Museum, the Pier Approach gift shop, Redhill Drive post office or online at flyinggiftshop.co.uk The online auction for the signed T-shirt ends on Friday, September 13.