A DISABLED busker on a life-changing journey has hit out after being the victim of a tirade of abuse caught on camera.

Officers investigated death threats made to Alexandria Adamson, who is about to undergo a sex change and suffers from cerebral palsy, in a rant which has been seen by thousands of people on YouTube.

The two-minute long clip shows another musician ordering 26-year-old singer Alexandria, who was busking in Bath, to turn the sound down, before he threatens to ram his microphone down her throat.

He said: “You’ve been spoiling my performance screaming down that poxy thing.

“Shut up and listen to me, I’ve had enough of you. Don’t busk here.”

Alexandria, who was born Alexander Lawrie, told the Echo that the incident and comments posted on the video online led her to make an attempt on her own life.

She said: “I was terrified and I don’t ever want to go back to Bath.

“I wanted to end my own life at the time, it has gone all over the internet and some of the comments I’ve read are horrible.”

The distraught abuse victim is determined to continue to share her passion for music by busking all over the country.

The video quickly went viral online, with hundreds voicing their outrage about the musician’s behaviour.

The original was taken down, although it has been reposted.

Alexandria added: “I was born into the wrong body and I have a disability so I’ve been the subject of bullying and people not being nice to me wherever I go.”

She moved to Alexandra Road in Weymouth with her mum Caroline a few years ago and completed a performing arts course at Weymouth College before taking up further study in Southampton.

Her mum Caroline said: “This man might not have realised the effect he had on Alex and all that she is going through but I want him to know.

“We moved from Scotland because we had a hard time “I don’t know why people can’t let her be happy.”

The excited busker is now eagerly waiting to take the first stage in her sex change to become a woman in November which will be a course of hormone tablets.

She said: “I love to sing to people and I’ve auditioned for The Voice UK and the X Factor.

“They told me to come back when I’ve had my sex change, so who knows what the future holds.”

Inspector Damian Morley, of Avon and Somerset Police, said a man had been arrested and cautioned in relation to this incident.