TOURISTS have complained about the disgusting state of toilets at Boscombe seafront.

Daisy Shirley-Spencer, from Stratford Upon Avon, was visiting the beach with her husband Stephen last week, when she went to the public loos by the pier and was confronted with broken doors and overflowing bins.

Originally from Boscombe herself, Mrs Shirley-Spencer was horrified by the state of the convenience, and said it was a poor advert for the town.

“I couldn’t believe it, they have really smartened up the seafront around here and then you go to the toilets and they are disgusting,” she said.

“There were piles of soiled nappies and ladies’ sanitary products on the floor, the bins were overflowing and one of the toilet cubicles didn’t even have a door.

“Someone had managed to pee all over the floor and the whole place stank, it made me feel sick.

“It is a terrible advert for the area. We love coming down here and would like to move back one day, as it is so much nicer than it used to be.

“Someone said the toilets hadn’t been cleaned since the day before, so I don’t think it was a one-off.”

Mrs Shirley-Spencer, 59, said she had travelled to many countries while working for Club Med, and had never seen public toilets in a resort in such a poor state.

“Even in north Africa the toilets in tourist areas were kept spotless,” she added.

Bournemouth Council operations manager Andrew Brown said: “The toilets along the seafront receive regular attention from our team but we acknowledge that during the recent period of hot weather the beach has become busier and the toilets used more.

“To combat this we have increased the number of visits to toilets along the seafront by our dedicated Boscombe cleaning team.

“We take any complaints about the cleanliness of our toilets seriously and we continue to make them a priority.”