BAFFLED Boscombe residents are puzzled by a piece of graffiti in Boscombe Crescent which shows an advanced maths equation.

The piece of wall art has caused speculation in the area and the Daily Echo is appealing for help from readers to try and solve the problem.

To see a larger version of the image above, click here.

Maths teacher Owen Elton has written a blog post in response to this story. You can read it here.

Jonathan Crozier, who sent in the photograph, said the graffiti has not been removed or defaced for at least a week.

He said: “Earlier today, when I checked, it had still not been defaced - suggesting that even the local yobs can see the exceptional merit in it. My suspicion is that a mathematics graduate must have done it.”

The councillor for Boscombe West, Chris Wakefield said: “It’s an interesting equation, but I’m not a chemist or a mathematician. If someone would like to come forward and tell us what it means then I would be intrigued.

“The question is, do people think this is wall art or graffiti? It’s quite an interesting debate.

“We have had some problems with politically motivated and offensive graffiti in the surrounding area.”

Boscombe Crescent is currently undergoing a phase of improvements to try and encourage more residents and visitors to use the park as a safe and attractive public open space.

Holly Crosby, a maths graduate from Bournemouth said: “This is clearly a very advanced equation and I would like to have a go at cracking it.”

If you think you can decipher this complicated brainteaser then send your answer to: or comment below.