A CHARITY dedicated to cutting anti-social behaviour through working with bikes will host an open day later this month.

Youth outreach charity Impact takes to the streets after schools close to teach pupils about bicycle maintenance.

The charity aims to build confidence and teach new skills, as well as providing somewhere for young people to go in the evening.

As well as the maintenance sessions, Impact volunteers work with young people from around the county to target issues including alcohol abuse, low self-esteem and teen pregnancy.

PR and marketing co-ordinator Charlie Du Puy said the open day is an opportunity for residents to find out more about the charity’s work.

He said: “We are very passionate about supporting the young people in Dorset and the purpose of the open day is to share this passion with others.

“We recognise that sometimes people will hear of Impact, or one of our projects, but they don’t really know what we do or what we’re all about.

“This will be an opportunity for everyone to find out more about where we’ve come from, the projects that we deliver, and how we’re making a difference in the lives of young people living in Dorset.”

The open day will take place at the Steam Cafe in Barrack Road, Christchurch, on Saturday, June 29.

The cafe doubles up as Impact’s drop-in centre and office, and on Friday evenings, the owner opens the premises to allow young people to socialise.

Charlie said: “Impact staff and volunteers get alongside visitors during this time and are able to give advice and support on issues including relationship breakdown, citizenship, and alcohol and drug misuse.”

For more information on the charity, visit impactmakingadifference.co.uk