A FAKE pension letter, passports, bills and pay slips were used to con banks out of £3million for mortgages.

Five people have been found guilty of dishonestly obtaining services by deception in a mortgage fraud case which saw four more admit the same offences and four others acquitted.

After two trials failed, the final attempt at Bournemouth Crown Court involved nine defendants, with five found guilty.

The money obtained by the five convicted and the four pleading guilty totals £3,005,633.

Dermot O’Malley-Keyes, 61, of Southbourne Road, Bournemouth, was unemployed and on benefits but managed to dishonestly obtain £362,250 from Halifax to buy a flat in Brentford, Middlesex.

He was found guilty alongside mortgage broker Alex Chiswell, 33, of Tangmere Rise, Eastleigh, of obtaining £232,732 from the bank to buy a flat at East Cliff Manor using a false passport, accounts and a bill.

O’Malley-Keyes also obtained £241,598 from Bank of Scotland PLC to buy a flat in Seamoor Road, Westbourne.

He used a false passport and bills and failed to state the true identity of the purchaser.

His wife Madeleine O’Malley-Keyes, 60, of Southbourne Road, Bournemouth, a part-time worker, got mortgage advances on two properties.

She and Alex Chiswell dishonestly obtained £237,432 from Halifax to buy a flat in Studland Road in Alum Chine.

They gained £216,830 from the same bank for a property in Ipswich, using false accounts, a false passport, a false bill and a false letter about a bogus pension entitlement.

Chiswell also gained £216,842 from the Halifax for another Ipswich property.

Former estate agent John Hudson, 52, of Commercial Road, Bournemouth, was found guilty with Alex Chiswell of obtaining £204,000 from Halifax to buy a property in Denmark Lane, Poole, using fake pay slips and a false utility bill.

Mortgage broker Colin Zaczyk, 41, obtained £145,000 from Halifax for a property in Riggs Gardens, Wallisdown and £145,500 for a flat in Cleveland Road, Bournemouth.

He was found guilty of dishonestly obtaining £156,715 for a property in Eastleigh.

Nicholas Sweet, 56, of Richmond Park Avenue, Bournemouth, who previously pleaded guilty, dishonestly gained £216,800 from Halifax for a property in Ipswich.

Alex Chiswell and Justin Aley, who previously pleaded guilty, gained £212,472 from the Halifax for another Ipswich property.

Nicholas Sweet and Yvonne Major,32, of Queens Park West Drive, Bournemouth, also pleaded guilty previously to obtaining £219,992 from the Halifax for an Ipswich property.

Anthony Gray, 46, of Seabourne Place, Bournemouth, previously pleaded guilty to obtaining £197,470, to buy a property in Wimborne Road, Bournemouth.

The charges were dated between 2003 and 2006.

Sentencing is on July 12.

The jury returned not guilty verdicts for Alex Chiswell on four charges and Colin Zaczyk on three charges.

Robert Baird, James Douglas Wooldridge, Paul Morgan and Lee Smith were all found not guilty of any offences.

In previous trials Amanda Powys, Lisa Chiswell, formerly Lisa Harvey, and Maxine Gribben were found not guilty by judge’s direction.

The CPS dropped their case against a Peter King from Coventry.