A CONTROVERSIAL roundabout will stay in place in Muscliff for now despite calls for it to be removed.

Part of the 20mph zone at Shillingstone Drive, the mini roundabout at Muscliffe Lane was installed in April but has been immediately reviewed following a raft of complaints from residents.

As reported in the Daily Echo, last month 22-year-old Nina Arnone escaped serious injury when her car overturned while negotiating the roundabout.

Independent councillors for the area, Ron Whittaker and Anne Rey, have led calls for its removal.

The issue was raised at the latest environment and transport scrutiny meeting at Bournemouth Town Hall and bosses have agreed to look at the situation again, consulting with residents and councillors.

But the councillors are still pressing for the roundabout to go.

They said they supported the 20mph zone and the need to slow down traffic around Epiphany School, but believed the mini roundabout was unnecessary and confusing for motorists. It was installed after speed cushions were found to be unpopular with locals.

Cllr Whittaker said: “Both Anne and I want the roundabout removed. The report (to the meeting) identified very clearly that motorists are not slowing down when they approach the roundabout.

“It looks like they’ve got to put humps in now. They are reluctant to remove the roundabout because of the cost implications.

“I’m still not happy about it; we want the roundabout taken out because it’s not working.”

Cllr Michael Filer, Cabinet member for Transport, Cleansing and Waste, said: “Following a meeting with ward councillors and council officers, we have agreed a proposed way forward, which is to carry out a consultation with Muscliffe Lane residents shortly. This will include proposals to amend the traffic calming features in their road.”