A WOMAN accused of murdering Reece James in Boscombe last year has been found not guilty of his death.

The jury at Winchester Crown Court were advised to reach the verdict on Terri-Lea Campbell, 22, of Durley Gardens, Bournemouth, after a day of legal arguments today.

Mrs Justice Nicola Davies  said she found there was insufficient evidence to convict Miss Campbell.

The prosecution had argued that the defendant was tied to the  alleged murder by two phone calls made at 1.35am and 1.40am to accused Wayne Stephenson on the night Mr James died.

The prosecution said the calls were to give directions to the flat where he was shot.

The judge said: "In my judgement, no properly directed jury could find Terri-Lea Campbell guilty of the murder of Reece James."

Miss Campbell sighed with relief and kissed her partner Kieron Wellington before leaving the court.

Kieron Wellington, 30, of Durley Gardens, Wayne Stephenson, 33, of Byron Court, East Dulwich, Keifer Hutchinson, 22, of Manaton Close, Peckham, and Jarome Parkinson, 24, of Dover Road, Folkestone, deny murdering Mr James at Sea Road on July 25 2012.