TWO of the five accused of murdering Reece James in Boscombe told police they did not have any involvement in his death, a court heard yesterday.

Keifer Hutchinson, 23, was arrested on August 21 last year and told police he did not know anything about Mr James’ death.

He said he had never seen or heard of Mr James.

When he was asked by police where he was on the night of July 24 last year he said it was “so long ago” and he was likely to have been at his sister’s or mum’s house in Peckham in London.

He said he’d never been in a silver Audi car or visited Bournemouth or Boscombe.

He denied knowing co-defendants Wayne Stephenson or Jarome Parkinson and he said he could not account for how phones belonging to them were shown to have been in contact with his mobile phone.

Terri Campbell, 23, made no comment replies to questions relating to the murder of Reece James and her contact with co-defendants.

But she did make a prepared statement in which she denied any involvement in the murder and claimed she’d never met Reece James.

Jarome Parkinson, 25, Wayne Stephenson, 34, and Kieron Wellington, 30, all gave no comment replies throughout their interviews. Mr James was shot dead in a flat in Sea Road/Roumelia Lane in Boscombe in the early hours of July 25 last year.

The prosecution claim Stephenson, Hutchinson and Parkinson travelled from London to kill Reece James at point-blank range. They claim Campbell and Wellington were also involved in the killing by providing the local link and directing the trio to the flat.

All five deny murdering the 21-year-old.

The prosecution are expected to close their case on Thursday. The trial continues.