BRUTAL rapist Dean Goodwin is today starting nine life sentences after admitting a terrifying catalogue of offences against two women.

The depraved 32-year-old was told he won’t be released for at least 15 years for offences described as "terrible acts of violence and humiliation."

Judge Samuel Wiggs, sitting at Bournemouth Crown Court told him he decided on life sentences although "I have considered very carefully whether any other sentence is possible."

He added: "It may well be that you wish you could stop yourself but it is clear that you cannot."

Judge Wiggs said a psychiatric report revealed Goodwin has a severe personality disorder and that the risk of re-offending is "highly likely, if not inevitable."

The court was told Goodwin, of Blackburn Road, Poole sparked a huge manhunt after a sustained and degrading attack on a woman in her Poole home in November last year.

His terrified victim, less than five feet tall and weighing just over seven stones, was forced to endure several hours of rape and other physical assault after Goodwin knocked on the door of her home claiming to be a police officer.

The burly sex offender fled her home telling her: “I know you won’t go to the police. I’ll tell them you were willing and wanted it rough.”

Sentencing, Judge Wiggs said: "You subjected her to a degrading, sexual ordeal over almost five hours. It is not surprising she has found it necessary to leave her home."

The sickening offences sparked a huge manhunt during which Goodwin decided to “go out with a bang” the court heard.

He then headed for Andover in Hampshire where he lay in wait for his second victim, a 49-year-old mum of two young children who was on her way to collect them from school when he struck in an alleyway.

His attack on the woman, who is also small and of slight build, led to some of the worst injuries ever seen by paramedics who eventually treated her.

He carried out a “vicious sexual assault” and attacked her so violently that she was left for dead, bloodied and battered and with facial nerve damage, fractures and paralysis.

The terribly injured woman was found several hours after the attack by her husband, who had gone out looking for her because she had failed to turn up at the school to collect their children.

The court heard what he saw “will haunt him for the rest of his life.”

Judge Wiggs said: "The injuries you caused to her resulted in facial paralysis and it may be that she won't recover."

He said it is difficult to see how the victim and her family "can ever be anything like the same again" and said when her husband found her "it is impossible to appreciate what an awful moment it was for him."

Goodwin received life sentences for attempted murder, five charges of rape, false imprisonment, robbery and assault by penetration. He had earlier admitted all the offences.

He also pleaded guilty to two burglaries, one at a house in Wimborne and another at Wallisdown Liberal Club in Bournemouth, and was given sentences of 18 months and 12 months, to run concurrent with the life sentences.

  • AFTER the case, Principal Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service in Wessex, Kerry Maylin said: "Dean Goodwin is a highly dangerous man who subjected his two victims to horrific ordeals which have left them physically and mentally scarred for the rest of their lives. Goodwin subjected the two victims to terrible acts of violence and humiliation."

Speaking of the second victim, she said: "He left her for dead and the poor woman was left fighting for her life.

"She was found more than four hours after the attack, she had not been able to move from the scene of the crime, she was numb with fear and in a state of great distress but luckily she fought for her life.

"The two ambulance technicians who attended the scene said it was the most brutal attack they had seen in their career."

She thanked both victims for their courage in supporting the prosecution and added: "We deeply hope that at some point in their lives they will find some kind of closure."

  • DETECTIVE Chief Inspector Stuart Murray of Hampshire Police said: "We are pleased that Goodwin has a life term.  He is a very dangerous man and the only place for him is behind bars. 

He will spend a long time behind bars and he is unable to commit this type of crime again.

"We will do whatever we can to support the victims in these horrible circumstances."