WHILE on the run Dean Goodwin brazenly broke into Wallisdown Liberal Club and helped himself to biscuits and half a pint of Carlsberg.

Staff saw the rape suspect had been captured on their CCTV system and quickly called in the police.

Detective, forensic experts and sniffer dogs arrived and quickly established that Goodwin had broken in and helped himself to refreshments at around 6pm on Sunday November 25.

Worker Danielle Thomas said: “He didn’t steal anything, just ate some biscuits and poured himself half a Carlsberg. He left the glass with DNA all over it.”

She said her boss had missed Goodwin by seconds.

Writing about it at the time on Facebook, Ms Thomas added: “An hour after we left, at around 2am, he walked past the club. He had broken into the club. I have seen all the CTV footage as it’s where I work and had to attend when the alarm sounded. My boss missed him by nine seconds.”