OPERATION Kiwi - the manhunt for fugitive Dean Goodwin - was one of the largest mounted by Dorset Police in recent years.

But despite a high-profile public campaign which saw Goodwin’s image plastered on front pages, websites and billboards around the area, the danger man was on the run for five days before he was finally captured walking along a road in Parkstone.

DI Marcus Hester, who led the investigation, said: “We very quickly identified him as the man responsible for the rape in Poole.

“It was then a case of trying to locate him. We started by visiting people he had a history with and was known to and quickly built up a picture of what he was up to.

“We became aware of where he was staying but we were always a few hours behind him.”

DI Hester added: “It was a huge labour intensive manhunt. It involved resources from across the force including MCIT, assistance from the intelligence units, firearms and general unit patrols.

“For operational reasons there was a delay in going to the public and this was something that was constantly reviewed almost every hour. When we decided to go public it was all about striking the right balance between asking for their assistance to find him and not causing panic.

“We didn’t want to give him the opportunity to go to ground and we were also aware of the chance we would receive mis-sightings that would take resources away from the investigation. “ DI Hester said Goodwin was captured as a result of various covert operations.

The police also sought the help of Goodwin’s psychologist.

“We were told ‘don’t try to work out how a man like that is thinking. It’s beyond comprehension.’

“We wanted to know how he was going to react and our biggest fear was he was going to commit further offences, and he did by attacking the woman in Andover.”

He added: “He knows what he’s done and even interview he said no one should have to suffer what that woman went through.

“He is unable to control himself at all. It is only by fortune that she didn’t die.”