IN East Dorset, no one can hear you scream – but a Wimborne venue rang with the sound of applause last weekend.

A team of bus drivers grafted for six months to put on a stage play of Alien at the Allendale Centre, with the final performance taking place last Saturday.

While the curtain may have fallen on the Wimborne run of the show, a group of fans from London are hoping to bring the sci-fi horror back to life in the capital this summer.

Lucy Harvey, who lives in Haringey, London, decided to see the show with friend Joe Auckland on the spur of the moment, and was charmed by the performance.

She said: “I went online to look at their website, and found it all so honest and hilarious.

“They were saying exactly what it felt like to put the show together without any marketing spin. They were writing things like, ‘It’s been a terrible day, and we’re all really cheesed off,’ which I found brilliant.”

After watching the performance on its first weekend, she convinced a group of friends to return by minibus for the last night of the show.

Lucy, who described Alien as “ambitious, courageous, mad as a box of day-glo frogs”, said the actors, who work for the Wilts and Dorset bus company, held up the show for 20 minutes as their London guests were running late.

“They held everything up for us because they knew how much we wanted to see it, which was amazing,” she said.

“There’s just something wonderful about it all. It’s like something Ricky Gervais would try to capture – it’s eccentric and brilliant.”

Lucy is now searching for a venue in London so the show can be performed again.

She said: “I suggested it, and they’re really up for it, so we just need to see what happens.

“They’ve all committed to June 1, so now it’s up to me to find a new venue for them.”

Alien was staged by Paranoid Dramatics, who formed in June 2011 after producer Neil Mitchener decided to put on a pantomime.

The show, which was written for the stage by the leading actor’s son, raised money for the Allendale Centre and the Guillain-Barre Syndrome Support Group.