PEDESTRIANS have been urged to use designated crossings following the tragic death of a 77-year-old killed in a collision with a 40-ton truck on a busy Bournemouth road.

Margaret Howells suffered horrific injuries as she attempted to cross Wimborne Road, Winton in a front of an articulated lorry on July 12 last year, an inquest heard.

District coroner Sheriff Payne was told the driver did not see Mrs Howells as he edged his vehicle forwards in heavy lunchtime traffic.

He only realised he had collided with her when passers-by banged on his passenger door and raised their arms.

Lorry driver John Lewis from Lancashire described how pedestrians were “crossing and weaving in and out of cars” despite pelican crossings around 100m away in both directions.

Accident investigator PC Clifton Beard added: “The Highway Code says crossings should be used and pedestrians should not cross in front of vehicles with their engines running.

“It is inadvisable for a pedestrian to attempt to cross the road in close proximity to a large vehicle.”

Winton ward councillor Theo Stratton urged pedestrians to use crossings and said work is currently underway to attempt to reduce traffic on Wimborne Road.

And the above footage shows how busy Wimborne Road is during lunchtimes.

Cllr Stratton said: “Wimborne Road has always been a problem. We are looking into a few ideas to minimise the amount of traffic. I will discuss it with highways.”

The Bournemouth inquest heard Mrs Howells, of Cox Avenue, Bournemouth, was crossing from G&Ts in the direction of a coffee shop when the accident happened at 12.30pm.

She suffered a broken back and all but one of her ribs were broken. She died in the early hours of the following morning at Poole Hospital from multiple injuries.

Witness Shannon Shepheard told the inquest: “I saw the lorry start to move forward and hit the lady, which pushed her into the road. She disappeared from my view under the front of the lorry.

“I can only assume that the driver did not see the lady and he would not have felt the impact either.”

Mr Lewis added: “I was stunned to see what had happened, I could not believe what had gone on. I was in shock.”

Mrs Howells’ family said they do not blame Mr Lewis for the tragedy and added: “I am sure this has been as hard for you as it has for us.”

Recording a verdict of accidental death, Mr Payne said: “He just did not see here at all, she was in a position where she was in a blind spot.

“It is quite clear to me that this was a complete accident. Nobody was to blame, it was just one of those sad things that can happen.”