INTERNATIONAL best-selling author Peter James wowed fans with an entertaining speech at Westbourne library.

The author was on hand to sign copies of his books, including Not Dead Yet, which has been published in 35 different languages. Born in Brighton, the author has sold 13 million copies of his books to date.

James, who recalled writing to Enid Blyton as an eight-year old, said: “I am a big supporter of libraries. With e-books contributing to the demise of the high street and book sales, engaging with the public is becoming more and more important.

“I always love it. I’m always learning from interaction with my fans. I think if it wasn’t for public libraries, I don’t think I would ever have been a writer.”

Fans were delighted to put a face to name.

David Yates, 52, and, a self-employed hirer from Poole said: “We read all of his books but loved the Roy Grace series.”

Wife, Karen, 52, added: “I thought that was brilliant and it is lovely to put a face and voice to him.

Eddie Craven, 70, of Westbourne who labelled the library as ‘superb’ said: “We came before to see Graham Hurley and he was very good. I think it’s great to get the face behind the page.”

His wife, Christine, 67, said “We belong to a book group at the library and we’ve put Peter’s book in to read, so it made sense to be here.

Roger Newnham, 63, of Talbot Woods said “About a year ago, I got into his books and they are very good. I’m from Sussex originally too, so I can relate to some of the locations.”

Library manager, Jenny Young said “It’s always great to have an author here in Westbourne. The public always support us really well and it’s great to have the support of authors too.”