A BOURNEMOUTH University lecturer says he is surprised by people’s reactions to news that horse meat has been found in some supermarket burgers.

Following scientific tests, traces of horse DNA were found in beef burgers on sale in shops in UK and Ireland, although the amount varied between each product, with some containing as much as a third horse meat.

Sean Beer, senior lecturer at Bournemouth University’s School of Tourism, says: “A lot of people don’t understand what they are eating, and care even less about what’s in it.”

He added: “I’m sympathetic to the fact that people feel that they have been betrayed, but when we pay so little for our food, what do we expect? If we buy cheaper and cheaper things, then something has to give.

“I don’t believe that retailers would have known the meat was contaminated or contained horse meat, so there has obviously been a breakdown in communication somewhere.

“I don’t believe that this will do any harm, people will just wish that they had known.”