AN infuriated parent has slammed a school for punishing her daughter over the colour of her hair.

Leah Halford from Poulner has temporarily removed her daughter Billie from Ringwood School after discovering the 13-year-old had been put in “isolation” because she dyed the ends of her hair pink.

The Year 8 pupil was pulled out of class on Friday morning by her Head of Year as a result of her new dip dye hair style.

Leah said: “I’ve made the decision to pull her out of the school until it’s gone.

“It’s not affecting her learning having pink hair but they’ve told me her absence will now be put down as unauthorised.

“I think it’s bullying – they are saying their pupils can’t have individuality.

“The dye is one of those wash out ones, so we are of course going to keep washing it, but it will take a few weeks.”

Isolation consists of the pupil being put in a room alone, restricting them from mixing with any other pupils.

“For me, isolation would be a punishment for naughty children, not for something as minimal as this”, Leah added.

“She is a model pupil aside from this – there have been no problems with behaviour or learning.

“Other girls go in with a full face of make-up or their skirts hitched up to their thighs.

“They’re allowed to have mobile phones on them. I just don’t understand why this is such an offence.

“Other people have told me it’s ridiculous as well.

“She’s always had a cutting edge hair cut but never been in trouble for it before.

“I just don’t see how this could possibly affect her learning, or anyone else’s.

“She’s lucky this isn’t a particularly important year, otherwise implementing this kind of punishment for something so menial would have far greater consequences.

“I’m going to get a private tutor so she can keep up with her lessons.”

In RESPONSE to Leah Halford’s comments, headteacher Chris Edwards said: “At Ringwood School we have very clear rules with regard to appearance and uniform which parents agree to when they send their child to the school.

“Our rules state that - “Hair should be traditionally styled – extremes of fashion eg shaved hair, beads, braids, unnatural tints, dyes and highlights are not acceptable in school.”

“If a student arrives at school with inappropriate uniform or appearance arrangements are made to continue with learning in isolation whie contact is made with parents to arrange to resolve the problem. 

“I am very grateful to the vast majority of our parents who are very supportive of the high standards we expect from all of our young people.”

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