MOVIE star Brad Pitt’s latest blockbuster is filming in South Dorset today.

And speculation is running high that the star himself will make an appearance at the famous Lulworth Cove to shoot a scene for World War Z.

Many residents and businesses in West Lulworth have received letters from High Command Productions Ltd to say that one day’s filming will be carried out today as part of a feature film, following three days of preparation which began on Wednesday.

A temporary wooden jetty has been built on the eastern side of Lulworth Cove and signs are up at the cove to say there will be restricted public access today.

The day’s filming is scheduled to begin at 7am today and end at 6pm, followed by a rest day tomorrow and ‘reinstatement’ on Monday from 8am to 6pm.

The company states: “We will be filming a scene that involves a boat arriving on the eastern side of the cove and then a conversation on the steps.

“Our filming work is located solely in the cove and beach area.

“We need to control access to the beach at certain periods of the day to ensure the continuity of our shot.”

The Lulworth Estate-owned visitors’ car park has been booked out for the ‘many’ trailers and technical trucks, plus helicopters.

Manager of the Gift Shop at Lulworth Cove Trish Wilson-Hughes said: “They’re taking over the car park and access to the cove will not be available to the public, although people can access the cliff paths on each side. A letter to businesses said they’re here Wednesday to Monday, leaving Monday at 6pm, and they’re going to have helicopters coming and landing in the car park.

“The rumour is Brad Pitt will be here.”

Mrs Wilson-Hughes, who is a trained sound recordist, added: “I’ve met Angelina Jolie, his other half before, when she was filming Tomb Raider in north Wales. She was amazing, a very nice lady.

“Everything’s been very hush-hush about this one.”

Jo Cross, manager of the Lulworth Cove Inn, said: “We don’t know if it’s just the helicopter and boat stunt they’re filming, or if Brad Pitt will be here.

“One of the film production crew was in here last night and said they’ve worked with him a couple of times and he’s really friendly.

“I think everyone’s going to be sat at the window tomorrow waiting to see if he does walk past.”

Several film crew are believed to be staying at the Lulworth Mill House, although the owners refused to comment.

Resident Pauline Hill said Thursday’s extreme winds delayed the transportation of wood across the cove to build the jetty.

She added: “The weather’s supposed to be foul on Saturday so whether it will happen or not, I don’t know.

“I’m going to put on my wet weather gear and walk across the hills to have a look.”