A SINGER from Bournemouth is “over the moon” at having her 1960s hit rereleased after being used on television.

Nita Rossi grew up in Bournemouth before her single Untrue Unfaithful went into the charts in 1965 and the song has now been used in a commercial for the soap opera Emmerdale.

The 64-year-old, formerly known as Anita, now lives in Italy but still has family here and is overjoyed at having her single released on iTunes to download on the internet.

She said: “I am over the moon about the whole thing.

“Whoever thought that after 47 years this would happen to me.

“I feel so proud.”

Nita was born in Bournemouth in 1948 and lived in Pokesdown and Boscombe, attending St James’s Primary School.

Her father Frank Rossi owned the Continental Cafe at the Lansdowne.

After competing in local singing competitions she sang in bands at hotels and when she sent homemade tapes to Tom Jones’s manager Gordon Mills he invited her for an audition and he signed her up.

She left Bournemouth to pursue her singing career in London in 1965 and recorded Untrue Unfaithful and three other singles.

Nita, whose grandparents were Italian, moved to Piacenza in Italy with her family and she recorded more songs there before concentrating on bringing up her son Marco.

She found out about the Emmerdale advert through her sister Maureen Joyce in Weymouth and brother Joe Biddle in Christchurch.

Nita added: “I now live in Italy but my heart is still there.”

“I never gave my singing up completely, in fact I am still singing even today and while I can give pleasure to others and myself I will carry on.”