AN EIGHT-year-old from Southbourne has made a hair-raising contribution to Children in Need this year.

Declan Lovelock agreed to have an image of Pudsey bear cut into his hair at the back of his head for the cause.

He was asked to undergo the epic haircut by hairdresser Mark James, who owns a salon minutes down the road from the schoolboy.

The young lad, who attends Pokesdown Community Primary School, has already had some admiring looks from members of the public.

Mum Imogen Lane said: ““Everyone’s been looking at him as he walks down the street, so he’s a bit embarrassed, but it looks really good and we’re really impressed.

“It was Mark’s idea – he asked Declan if he’d be up for it at the last minute and so he went for it. We’re regular customers of his because the salon is just down the road.”

The intricate haircut meant Declan had to sit still during the afternoon as his hair was shaved and bleached, before a miniature felt version of Pudsey’s bandana was added.

Ms Lane said: “It took a couple of hours, but Declan sat really well for it.

“He just took his Nintendo DS along and enjoyed it. He keeps looking in mirrors to see the back of his head and I think he’s really pleased with it. We’ll definitely be watching Children in Need together.”

Alison Sowden, who is Mark James’ partner at Mark James Hair Care and Design in St Catherines Road, said: “It looks absolutely incredible.

“It was Mark’s idea. He wanted to raise lots of money for Children in Need, and he’s actually going to be on television next Friday doing a similar Pudsey design for another customer.”

Mr James was formerly a celebrity hairdresser in London, and has previously cut winning lottery numbers into a model’s hair before to celebrate the first anniversary of the National Lottery for The Sun.

He will be filmed in Winchester on Friday night.