ASDA is investigating after customers at a Bournemouth supermarket were played a pop song when they were trying to observe the two-minute silence.

The St Paul’s branch had announced over the tannoy that it would not be trading until 11.02am because of Remembrance Day.

But customer Renea Gascoigne said customers heard Sweet Soul Music by Arthur Conley within moments of the 11am silence being signalled.

“It’s absolutely disgraceful. I’m quite angry,” she said.

A statement from Asda said stores were asked to observe the silence every year.

“For some reason, it would appear a handful shops had a short interruption over their tannoy system,” the statement said.

“We’d obviously like to apologise to customers in any of those stores.

“The two minute silence was observed impeccably in the vast majority of our 550 stores, with no unwanted interruptions.

“We investigating how this happened.”