CYCLE campaigners have demanded stronger action following a recent spate of hit-and-run accidents.

The latest victim suffered a broken wrist after a collision involving a car in Poole. Safety campaigners want police to take a tougher stance on aggressive drivers when it comes to following-up reports of near misses.

Poole Wheelers cycling club president Colin Price said: “If we were on four legs and six foot tall motorists would sit there calmly and give us plenty of room. But on two wheels, motorists are quite happy to try and plant a wing mirror into your elbow.

“This is becoming a very dangerous game. We would like to see the police following up more reported incidents of aggressive driving and better education for motorists out there on the roads.”

Clubs across the county report an explosion of cycling interest post-Olympics, so the numbers of recreational riders could be set to increase.

However, cycle event organiser David Wade warns newcomers that aggressive driving is all too common on Dorset’s roads.

“We held a hill climb event on Sunday and once again our members were victims of aggressive drivers,” he said.

“Motorists still argue they have absolute right of way.”

The latest cycle victim, a 27-year-old man, was injured on Friday along Alder Road.

Earlier this month a 16-year-old cyclist was taken to hospital with head injuries after being discovered slumped in Christchurch’s Fairmile Road.

Meanwhile, a Purbeck man was left sprawled and unconscious in the road after being hit from behind on the A352 at East Stoke on September 27.

Police are still searching for the occupants of a gold car thought to be responsible for attempting to push two cyclists over as they rode through Poole last month.

Inspector Matt Butler of the Dorset Police traffic department said: “Dorset Police investigate all allegations of road traffic offences in accordance with the CPS Code for Crown Prosecutors. The success of any investigation relies on the evidence obtained.

“All allegations are taken seriously and evidence is gathered through a number of investigative methods.

“Dorset Police encourage members of the public to report allegations promptly and to try and provide as much information as possible to help with the investigation.

“We also would like to remind all road users to drive, ride or walk safely, ensuring you pay attention to what is going on around.”