SHE might be small in stature, but Tanyalee Davis, a 3 foot 6 inch standup comedian from Canada, has made a big impact on the UK comedy scene.

And she isn’t afraid to use the word “midget” in her comedy. After all, she is a comic with dwarfism.

“I have the right to be able to say the word ‘midget’ if I want to,” she has been quoted as saying.

While she makes it clear to people who attend her shows that it’s not a word to casually throw around outside of her comedy setting, she admits to using it sometimes as a way of “taking over the word.”

Davis wants to use her experiences to her advantage, because she knows that’s what makes her stand out from the “same generic material by some white guy.”

And yes, she faces certain struggles that can be tough but she likes looking at the humour in things. She adds: “That is my reality and that’s funny!”

Davis describes herself as “the Ferrari of comedy – low to the ground and kind of racy”.

Since she arrived in the UK in 2013 she has starred on comedy shows such as Live At The Apollo, The Last Leg & The John Bishop Show.

The comedian who also supported Frankie Boyle on his 2012 UK Tour.

Now she will be headlining at Coastal Comedy at Hotel Celebrity in Bournemouth tomorrow.

She is supported by Anthony Dewson who has shared the stage with some of the UK’s finest comedians including Harry Hill, Michael McIntyre, Frank Skinner, Micky Flanagan and Lee Mack.

Other big names lined up for Coastal Comedy in 2018 include Craig Murray and Nathan Caton.