IF you don't have a sweet tooth look away now for the long-awaited Creams has finally opened its doors in Bournemouth.

A few weeks before it opened, Caitlin Marsh went along to its sister restaurant in Charminster Road to get a taste of what we can expect...

SCRUMPTIOUS combinations of fruit, chocolate, and ice cream fill the menu at Creams.

The new star dessert on the summer menu is bubble pop waffles, which brings together a waffle in a sundae glass topped with scoops of ice cream and finished with sprinkles.

As restaurants and cafes clamour to find the next Instagram-worthy offering, it seems that Creams have come up with something a little quirky and different. Scores of families, groups of friends and couples fill out Creams every time I visit, but few were being adventurous enough to try the new bubble pop waffles.

My friend and I decided to see what all the fuss was about and ordered the More Oreo bubble pop waffle, which featured Oreo and cookie dough ice creams, butterscotch sauce and Oreo crumbs. It was a little difficult to eat in a tall ceramic ice cream cone, as the spoon struggles to tear through the waffle, but it tasted divine and we felt it was worth the extra effort that the staff had put into making it.

As entirely self-appointed 'voluntary dessert tasters', we also ordered the new White Choc Kiss waffles to compare the two desserts. This involved waffles served traditionally on a plate, covered with strawberries and bananas before being smothered in white chocolate. We found that a lot easier to eat using a knife and fork, however both were equally divine to taste.

Every effort has been made by the Creams team to make an exciting and inviting place for people to be, with bright colours, glittery walls and of course a large glass display cabinet featuring every flavour of ice cream imaginable. The staff were exceptionally knowledgable about the menu, they were attentive and checked on us after our order arrived at the table, and you can tell every dessert is made with care.

There is still plenty more new creations on the menu that I have yet to try, as well as the option to design your own sundae, waffle, bubble pop waffle and crepe. Creams also has a kids menu and I noticed a sign which points out that they offer discount to students and to NHS staff, which I think should be offered by more firms.

I've decided that the only reasonable thing to do is to go back and visit Creams in Bournemouth a few more times to order some more different desserts with the aim of comparing each one to the last.... all in the name of research, of course.