EVERY self-respecting Indian food addict has their favourite curry house, but occasionally a new place opens up that tempts you away for a while.

Dilli Haat in Seamoor Road, Westbourne which has been up and running since May, is owned by husband and wife team Garima and Arun Sharma.

Nothing is too much trouble for this lovely couple and their genuine passion for authentic, home-cooked Asian food is infectious.

The restaurant only caters for around 26 people, so it is quite intimate but it doesn't feel crowded.

Although it is upmarket in style with exposed wooden floors and tasteful pictures on the walls, it maintains a traditional feel.

If you are familiar with Naan, a popular restaurant in Moordown, this is the Westbourne equivalent.

As for the menu, there are so many interesting and original sounding dishes that it was difficult to know where to start.

Arun recommended the vegetable platter (£7.95) for starters which included onion bhajis, vegetable pakoras and samosas served with mint chutney.

For mains we had Dilli's butter chicken (£7.95) with boneless pieces of tender, marinated chicken that had been cooked in a rich tomato gravy with peppers, onions and coriander which was fragrant, rich and creamy, a side dish of daal makhani ((£3.95) made with whole black lentils that had been slowly cooked with aromatic spices, murgh masala (£7.95) and another side dish, sag aloo, packed with potatoes, spinach, onion, a few chunks of fresh tomato and just enough spice.

Each dish tasted freshly prepared but with a real depth of flavour that comes with careful preparation.

Afterwards Arun explained that it takes many hours to prepare the different gravies and that everything is natural - they don't use curry pastes or artificial flavour enhancers and they use local ingredients wherever possible.

His wife Garima who is originally from Delhi, added that the food they serve is exactly how she would cook at home.

We have already been back since our first visit and the service and food is always exceptional.

But it is also the little touches that sets this place apart such as the ornate serving bowls.

No wonder this place is getting rave reviews on social media. It also has a five-star hygiene rating.

Apparently Dilli Haat means Delhi hub, the heart of the market place, and it's certainly a must visit for curry lovers.