The tension is palpable. The roar of thousands of expectant spectators invades your ears as every last ounce of strength is mustered to heave it high into the air.

‘It’, of course, being a biscuit. Not any old biscuit at that – a Dorset Knob. Such is the anticipation for this quirky annual tradition, which kicks off in Cattistock tomorrow, organisers have ensured a clock dominates their webpage, counting down in seconds until the first snack is tossed.

A list of record holders is displayed where we are informed that this is more than just a competition about lobbing a savoury snack.

For example, we also learn Dan Magrill has the dubious honour of being the current trophy holder for Knob eating. He managed to wolf down seven in just a minute.

There are some, most of whom I imagine live in far away cities sat in glossy skyscrapers and sipping expensive coffee, who may consider the people of Dorset to be a tad eccentric.

An event which makes a savoury biscuit the key component of a whole festival is unusual by most people’s standards and may fuel their stereotypical image of us, however, last year it attracted some 5,000 visitors.

The Moores family, who make the biscuits, have been doing so since before 1860, and this event now regularly receives national coverage in the press.

The Frome Valley Food Fest runs alongside the Knob throwing and in 2013 50 food producers from the area set up stands with a selection of their finest products.

The website boasts: “The response from these suppliers, participants in the Knob throwing, and visitors has been overwhelming and we are confident that even more people will take the opportunity to sample and taste some of the finest foods produced in the UK all available locally.”

For all of the jollity and fun, this is a serious business. Don’t be fooled by the cheekily named contests.

This is an event that will raise much-needed funds for four village organisations – the cricket club, the football club, the playing fields and the Savill Hall – who have all joined forces to organise the event.

Set against the backdrop of some of the country’s most stunning scenery, it is also being backed by Direct from Dorset and the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty partnership.

Expect a festive atmosphere, and for those not interested in heaving a biscuit as far as they can, there will also be more traditional entertainment as well.

That said, don’t underestimate the seriousness of some of the competitors as they aim to stake their claim to be part of Dorset Knob history.