After following the last 15 FM’ workouts, I hope that readers are feeling fit, trim and proud of their efforts!

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Today’s focus is on injury prevention exercises that can help you stay active and pain free. The exercises in this article are designed to give you a general back conditioning programme. Check out the exercise video below to see more Many people in the UK suffer or will at sometime suffer with back pain. But improving the balance between the bodies anterior and posterior muscles can help avoid painful episodes.

Spending too long working in seated positions often creates tightness in the muscles at the front of the pelvis, along with weakness/lengthening of the muscles behind the pelvis. Similarly, slouching of the upper body alters muscle length/ tension relationships between the front and rear shoulder girdle muscles and the tight muscles pull against the weaker ones to haul your spine out of its optimal posture. Over the years this is a big deal for your joints and spinal discs as they are often exposed to excess wear, tear and avoidable damage.

People with active jobs (builders, care workers, delivery drivers, emergency services etc) are also at risk due to awkward working positions, trauma or repetitive one sided lifting of heavy loads.

If you have back pain, always visit your GP or a registered, recommended therapist for diagnosis and treatment, then consider finding a trainer like me to set up a personal programme of exercises and stretches to help protect against future flare ups.

Unfortunately a one size fixes all back workout does not exist, but today’s exercises could benefit you if your spine is close to optimal posture.

Consult your physiotherapist, chiropractor, specialist or GP if you have any pre-existing back/ medical conditions/injuries or doubt your health is sufficient to safely participate. Refrain from using these exercises in times of flare up and be reminded that these exercises are performed entirely at your own risk.

Ensure you warm up before you exercise here is a short video to help

Cool down stretch video here

I hope you enjoyed this session and that it will help you to look after your back. I’ll see you next month with some stretches to supplement these exercises. In the meantime, for everything fitness - find me at