It would be easy to write McFly off as "those boys who were put together to be the next Busted." Indeed, it could have all been over for them after the release of their greatest hits album in 2008.

But unhappy with the decisions their record label were making, they decided to set up their own label instead – and two albums, some clever use of the internet to maintain their fan base and a lot of hard work later they’re out on their first tour in four years.

And boy, were their fans pleased to see them. Even before they hit the stage it was clear that the crowd at the BIC were out for a good time – cheering loudest for Dougie, who was looking good after his recent spell in the Priory - and they were not to be disappointed.

From the opening notes of Party Girl it was clear that the boys were, as usual, going to give it their all.

A high-octane rampage that never pauses for one second, the McFly live experience is loud, energetic and thoroughly entertaining.

Swapping instruments, pogo-ing like lunatics and generally bounding around the stage, it’s impossible not to notice that Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry LOVE being McFly.

Beach-boys style harmonies, some falsetto from Tom and some drum and bass action from Harry and Dougie proved their sound is all their own – the only extra musician on stage was keyboard player Isaac – but it’s the sheer exuberance of it all that had the crowd on their feet from the very first words.

Much of the set came from their new album Above the Noise, but there was plenty of time for fan favourites like Obviously and Star Girl.

It’s an eclectic and sometimes disconcerting mix of styles, from the surf-pop of their first single Five Colours, via the guitar-pop of All About You and the rock-pop of Radio all the way to the synth pop of show closer Shine a Light.

They're just as happy performing poppy ballard Heart never Lies as they are with Transylvania - and as an illustration of how far they’ve come since being assembled courtesy of an advert in the NME, it was impressive.

At times it felt like the hyped-up crowd - a mix of long-standing fans, kids and mums and dads - would jump their way through the floor.

McFly might not ever be edgy, but no matter how cool you think you are, you can’t resist a smile at seeing them in action. They’re just thoroughly nice boys, having a great time doing the thing they love. And we love them for it.