THIS is an obviously talented company who have brought back their 2009 tour. Moonfleet is inspired by J Mead Falkner’s children’s novel of love, smuggling and adventure.

It is set in Dorset on Chesil Beach, although they do venture abroad to The Hague to sell a diamond.

The five strong cast, Tamsin Fessey, Lynne Forbes, Simon Carroll-Jones, Henry Douthwaite and Kai Simmons, create the various scenes with such realism that it was hard not to feel sea-sick when they were tossed around in a ship during a thunderstorm.

The sound and lighting effects were magnificent and created just the right atmosphere, each scene was entirely believable be it a church, a tunnel, an auction room, or a graveyard.

The scenery and props were used to good effect with planks becoming a shelf, a bar and a tunnel among other things. The most outstanding effect for me was the scene where John (Henry Douthwaite) was lowered down into a well, with the donkey doing the work, and then he was brought up again. You had to see it to believe it.

The whole play was so visually exciting that one little girl near me didn’t know whether to hide her face in her mother's skirt or watch. She was enthralled.

Words cannot completely describe the ease with which the actors moved from one character or scene to another so effortlessly and congratulations must go to everyone involved both onstage and backstage.