WE are back to the future with Trevor and the gang as they take us to the 1950s and the start of the era of rock ‘n roll in the company of Radio Luxembourg.

The cast of ten performers replicate the hit songs of the Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison, Cliff Richard and The Four Seasons in a non-stop celebration of the hit parade that regularly gets the audience on their feet.

There are plenty of fond memories for the fans to enjoy, not least Trevor’s naughty Mick Jagger routine and Gary’s annual failed attempt at singing the Roy Orbison hit song Pretty Woman.

Performers come and go but the magic still sparkles more than 30 years after the group set off on their first national tour back in the 1990s, a remarkable achievement for even the most dedicated show.

As they poke affectionate fun at the big stars of the past, their respect for their music stays secure with artists like The Shadows and The Beatles being shown on screen as a constant backdrop to the music. An especially nice touch is to watch those old cinema ads of the past, all of which the audience join in with enthusiasm.

The production will be back in Weymouth during the summer and tickets are already selling fast, not least because they are inviting members of the audience to suggest routines they would like to hear, now that’s an offer nobody can refuse.