IT WAS another sensational Saturday night as the flares, platforms and a lot of sparkle returned to the stage at Weymouth Pavilion for Waterloo – The Best of ABBA.

As a major fan of the Swedish pop group, this was not my first tribute concert – and it’s definitely not going to be my last.

In my four years in Dorset, I don’t think there has been an ABBA tribute at Weymouth Pavilion that I have missed and I can honestly say this has to be one of the best.

It can sometimes take the crowd a little time to warm up, there’s maybe been a bit of hand swaying in the first half and it isn’t until the end that everyone is on their feet dancing away. But this wasn’t the case on Saturday.

I think it was about the second song in and the group performed what has to be one of my favourite ABBA songs – Ring Ring. That was it – the fans were straight up and nothing was getting them back into their seats.

There was just a fantastic atmosphere in the Pavilion from the second they came on stage, and that’s exactly how it should be.

A special mention also has to be given to ‘Benny’ who took it to the next level with his dance moves – which I imagine could be quick tricky whilst also playing the piano. His enthusiasm was just amazing and it definitely didn’t go unnoticed by the crowd – we loved him!

The vocals were also great. ‘Agnetha’ performed some tricky solos including The Winner Takes it All and I’ve Been Waiting For You. The latter has, I think, become increasingly popular following its inclusion in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

For me, that performance stood out in the evening because of the emotion that went into it.

I feel that a lot of effort was also put it to the lighting and the effects of the evening which simply made it an even better experience.

I hope Waterloo – The Best of ABBA don’t wait too long until they return to our beautiful seaside town – I, of course, will be there!

The one small thing that I was disappointed with was that the group didn’t come into the foyer after their performance for a chance for the fans to grab a selfie or two!