ALTHOUGH I had my doubts at first, as you never know what to expect from a tribute band, within five minutes the Best of Wham! had everyone up on their feet, dancing and singing along at the tops of their voices to the opening track Wham Rap.

But people were ready to party. There was a sea of Choose Life t-shirts in the predominantly female audience - the atmosphere was extraordinary which is a testament to the power of this legendary 80s pop band.

The show was part tribute and part homage to the music of George, Andrew, Pepsi and Shirlie and really captures the spirit of the era.

Everything from the costumes, hair and choreography is vintage Wham, all the hits are covered, Club Tropicana, Freedom, I’m Your Man, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and even Last Christmas.

Vocally the singers were all strong and were able to belt out all the songs backed by a lively and talented band including an exceptional saxophonist.

Her introduction to Careless Whisper was quite poignant, as was the group's tribute to George Michael with A Different Corner, which almost brought a tear to the eye and included a brief video clip of George. Personally I would have liked to have seen more of these classic film clips.

Other highlights included Somebody to Love and, Ben Evans who played George, was brilliant at engaging with the audience - he even wandered around the aisles interacting and kissing his fans!

All in all a brilliant night and the best way to Wham Bam those winter blues!