Corn Exchange, Dorchester

PLAYING classical music and at the same time turning it into a whole lot of fun is clearly quite a challenge but as soon as the four string instrumentalists walked on to the stage, everyone knew this was going to be a laugh out loud evening for the entire audience.

Starting off with Beethoven and then moving on to snippets by composers from Bach to Vivaldi and Bizet to Rimsky-Korsakhov, the four young musicians danced, sang, pulled silly faces and capered around the stage as they played, no easy task while maintaining a good professional standard of performance.

With lots of audience participation which even included bringing hapless participants onstage to drive a train or play the cello, this was a concert in which anything could – and did – happen, much to everyone’s delight.

The instrumentalists, two violinists, a viola player and a cellist, were a pleasure to hear as they overstretched popular classics such as the Toreador song from Carmen and the Flight of the Bumblebee to name but a few from their extensive repertoire.

Oddly, the publicity photographs that were on display showed four completely different musicians which would seem to indicate that there are a number of performers doing the rounds for the company so it perhaps means that their next show will not be anything like the one enjoyed at Dorchester.

But for a lighthearted evening of music and laughter, this particular talented Graffiti team were greatly enjoyed.