The X-Factor juggernaut rolled into Bournemouth on Tuesday night to be met by thousands of fans young and old for a sold out show at the BIC.

The tour format has been shaken up with all seven acts performing in both halves with more duets and collaborations between them.

In another change the audience are asked to vote for their favourite act of the evening by way of noise generated (Opportunity Knocks clapometer anyone?)

What was missing this year was the novelty act that had ridden to the final stages on popular opinion despite not measuring up to the others talent wise.

This year all of the seven acts had a good amount of talent and the ability to go far if the fates (or maybe Mr Cowell) decide it’s to be.

The evening started with a video recap of the journey from early auditions to the final show and beyond.

It was then straight into the live show with Kevin Davy White performing Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love quickly followed by Grace Davis who rose up through the floor seated at a piano to perform Roots.

The rest of the acts all took their turn with The Cutkelvins, Matt Linnen, Lloyd Mary, Sean & Connor and finally RAK-SU all of whom then raised the roof with a joint rendition of Reggaeton Lento to bring the first half of the evening to an end.

The second half followed the same format with another sixteen-song set bought to a close with all seven acts performing an excellent version of Cant Stop The Feeling.

The format worked really well and delivered a non-stop barrage of songs and music that kept the crowd spellbound for the entire evening. The production on this show puts most of the tours I see to shame and definitely gives everyone the chance to shine. What I hope is that the people here tonight carry on supporting all of the acts when glitz of the X-Factor is gone and they are playing small clubs without the massive production behind them. On tonight’s showing they all deserve it and I wish them all the best. A great evening of entertainment.