‘PEOPLE and feelings’ may be the name of Justin Moorhouse’s tour, but the comedian rattled through many more than two topics on a zany night full of mirth.

The 47-year-old grabbed the room’s attention from the off by strolling out onto stage ringing a large metal bell.

This, the born-and-bred Northerner duly explained, was to save money on expensive theatre charges for playing backing music.

He then got one section of the audience to up seats and move altogether to ‘save his neck’ from having to swivel between the three amphitheatre-style sides.

Part one of the show saw Moorhouse launch into a list of all the things he wouldn’t be talking about - like how nice it was to be here, and something funny from his journey.

We learned about comic devices, such as ‘the whisper on the staircase’(where you think of something funny too late) and some home truths from his childhood.

Picking on your audience forms a stand-up’s staple diet, and the studio crowd were no exception.

Moorhouse poked fun at one man’s outfit, mocked a woman with a personalised number plate and relentlessly teased a teacher, his wife and their 13-year-old son.

All this was done with verve, enthusiasm and good-humour.

Moorhouse served as a passionate, silly host and delighted in sharing tales of childhood caravan holidays, street games and other anecdotes.

He tackled what he described as ‘this post-truth, fake news age’, Donald Trump’s presidency, feminism and the universal lessons of growing up.

The night ended with a lively re-enactment of ‘the funniest moment of my life’, which saw Moorhouse at his best: animated, gleeful and willing us to like him.

Judging by the raucous laughter and applause in Poole, he certainly succeeded.