THERE were no wedding dates in my calendar this year.

That's a rare 12 months void of hen-dos, outfit choosing and present buying dilemmas.

Which was just as well really as The Wedding Reception - a unique theatrical dining night - would have blown them all out of the water.

The ground-breaking show featuring just four actors has already won five star reviews on the West End and at the Edinburgh Fringe and did not disappoint on its stop at Poole's Lighthouse.

At times we were breathless with laughter as one couple's plans for a low-key wedding reception went spectacularly awry.

Sweet young things Katie (Nerine Skinner) and Will (James Heatlie) watched in horror, along with the audience, as the best man stripped and danced on tables and uninvited guests stormed in.

In sum, the two hours of comedy mayhem was a complete delight.

The apprehension and excitement in the air were palpable as we 'guests' gathered in the Lighthouse gallery for welcome drinks ahead of a three-course formal meal in the restaurant.

Attending an immersive play for the first time is a daunting prospect as you don't know what to expect, and you begin mingling with actors in character.

But the hilarity of this Interactive Theatre International show quickly broke the ice. Soon people were hooting with laughter and joining in gamely with the riotous charade.

The cast double up to play nine characters, from the embarrassing groom's mother to his laddish Best Man and a stressed out wedding planner.

Mother-of-the-bride Lynn (Rebecca Norris) was a particular joy, and put in a performance reminiscent of Julie Waters as an irrepressible Aunt.

Words cannot describe the fun, frolics, fights and tears that ensued over the course of the night. We toasted nuptials, chatted to strangers, threw confetti, danced... and shrieked as the semi-naked Best Man crawled under our table.

Each show must be truly different as audiences react in various ways to being swept up in the raucous action.

Whatever happens though, one thing's for sure - it will be an unforgettable experience.

If you ever get an invite to The Wedding Reception, don't turn it down.