NOTHING says Christmas quite like a pantomime and families will struggle to find a better one this festive season than the Tivoli's Sleeping Beauty.

They don't come any more traditional with the perfect mix of magic and mischief certain to please all the family.

Hilarious pantomime dame Nanny Nelly Nicehands has plenty of jokes up her sleeve, some for the kids and some which effortlessly glide straight over their heads.

Ken Dee is a popular choice for this vital role and he's joined by a highly-talented cast playing characters ranging from her silly son and a handsome prince to a beautiful princess and a sparkling fairy. There's even a fire-breathing dragon.

Casey Lloyd puts in a hilarious performance and Joseph Gale is the dashing prince who defeats the evil Carabosse, played by Katie Tonkinson.

Charlotte Hoy returns to the Tivoli as the beautiful Fairy Crystal and Isobel Gamble wins the hearts of the audience as the princess.

The charming Wimborne theatre is the perfect size for a family panto - it provides an exciting environment without overwhelming the little ones.

And it's clear the organisers have families in mind with a range of performance times including 1pm, 2pm and 5.30pm - none of them past bedtime.

The costumes are beautiful, as are the sparkling sets and there are some impressive performances from young, local dancers and performers as well as the professionals.

A special visit from Santa at the start of the show was the icing on the cake.

Last year's Jack and the Beanstalk broke box office records at the Tivoli but this year is already the fastest-selling pantomime in the history of the theatre.

Sleeping Beauty runs until January 2. Grab your tickets now before it's too late.