ONE hundred moments to decide which memory you will live for eternity; author Christopher Heimann’s ‘100’ is certainly thought provoking stuff. It’s also a script well translated onto stage by ‘AsCend Physical Theatre’.

Focusing on the body as the main storytelling channel by keeping props and costume to a minimum, this has been a production thoughtfully crafted by directors Jacqueline Avery and Peter John Cooper.

The result is the stuff a good drama tutor’s dreams are made of. With enough abstractness to keep it interesting and enough drama to make it compelling, alongside inventive scene creation, reflective lighting and use of multi-media, this quirky, charming production is a must for anyone studying the arts.

It’s also an enjoyable piece if you aren’t, as a self-disciplined cast bring to life an ensemble of characters with relatable wants, needs and intentions with humility and a gentle humour.

Ellis J Wells’ interpretations are particularly engaging. A unique, honest stage presence lends this actor a certain added depth, believability and freshness of portrayal.

It was also a pleasure to see two Arts University Bournemouth graduates in action, with Maya Aitken and Mainga Mayeya breathing life into their characters with versatile dexterity.

The show runs again at the Mowlem Theatre in Swanage on October 19 and at the Layard Theatre in Wimborne on November 13, catch it if you can, especially those studying drama.