OOH there are some angry people around...

On TCGRB's launch day, Ubisoft's servers decided to take a wee break, and its forums went bananas with vitriol. That's the risk you take in making a game online-only.

A few hours, and not much of an apology, later and the furious rabble were able to thrash away at the latest offering to have Clancy's name plastered across the front.

And while it suffers from the same weakness as the previous Ghost Recon, 2017's Wildlands – namely some ugly dialogue and voice acting – the gameplay surrounding this is okay.

Fittingly, the outrageously earnest vocal delivery is reflected by the preposterous story of tech wizard establishing island with squeaky clean utopian vision which all falls apart in spectacular fashion.

Happily, she's a massive archipelago with her own mysteries, ruins and mythology. So if you can't be bothered to rescue Mr Tech Wizard's trusted lieutenant, you can find out about a large watery creature which may or may not be lurking in the island's waters, and other such wonders.

You've got a drone to scout heavily armed premises, another which can silently kill enemies from distance, loads of guns which constantly rank up the more you play, along with clothing which does the same. The ratings are ludicrous, however, in that the same clothing and weapons just recycle with higher numbers attached the longer the game is played. This means beanies and leather aviator hats can be 'better' than an armour-plated helmet.

And you can choose to go alone or team up with chums – if you can get a stable connection to a server. Several times I've been kicked out while online, which is a shame as the Ghost War player-vs-player element is a hoot, especially as humans are vastly more intelligent than the usual AI you'll encounter during the storyline.

To be frank, if you've played Wildlands and you're after the same deal but with a different storyline, this is right in your wheelhouse. Yes it has its flaws – there are myriad graphical glitches – but I'd be lying if said I hadn't spent some very late nights ploughing through the story.