If there has been a criticism of the outrageously addictive Lego games over the years it’s their non-wavering adherence to a tried-and-tested formula. Occasionally one breaks the shackles and forges a new path. Last year’s Incredibles did this to good effect, but then DC Super Villains slipped its comfy slippers back on.

But Lego Movie 2 has kicked them back out the window again, revamping the level system, building capabilities and even collection routine.

The story follows the film reasonably closely as Emmet and Lucy face a new threat following the Duplo invaders which wrecked their worlds after the action in the glorious first film.

This time, destroying objects yields blocks. Collect enough and, with the right instruction booklet, you can build a load of useful bits to help your progress through the story. Helping people around each world also coughs up special sparkly bricks which you’ll need to open portals between worlds.

The arrangement is especially fresh for the Lego gaming veteran and a tremendously welcome change from the usual routine. One can only hope future releases take similar risks. The series is all the better for it.