Sequel to the phenomenally playable Trials Fusion released five (five!) years ago, Rising has – if nothing else – markedly increased the ways in which the rider may be maimed.

For that’s Trials’ hook. Yes you may ride your wee bike skilfully over ludicrous peaks and through exploding barrels, slapping the face of health and safety, but around the corner looms ever more idiotic death: wrecking balls, cement and … angry cows.

And Trials wins more points in my household through its local multiplayer. Up to four family members can watch their riders belted about some particularly vicious Rising courses, which improve on the 2D of Fusion without going fully 3D. Let’s call it 2.5D. Fusion was a huge favourite for three quarters of my household, and Rising does it better, although it’s currently missing the option of the unicorn-riding kitten, which is distressing. Here’s hoping this is rectified in a future DLC

There’s a reasonable online racing, a raft of silly ways to personalise racers and some horrible loot boxes. Get rid of them.

Yeah it’s not the prettiest, and some aspects have a slapdash approach, but Rising is hardly a AAA title. It has it where it counts: solid, hilarious multiplayer goodtimes.